LF Anointed radiation Queen's Call and Rad/Fire Rowan's Call

I have over 300 legendaries so I can trade for a lot of stuff. Just write me what you are looking for and we can trade.

I will also accept save copy with those items if someone is nice like that :slight_smile:

Ive got a fire rowans call, looking for a recurring/mirv hex

Have rad Rowan and an annointed queen’s call, looking for annointed crossroad or recurring hex elec :slight_smile:

I have anointed crossroad with 100% melee dmg bonus after action skill ends. Sadly I am also looking for reccuring hex.

i have radiation queens call. looking for redundant face puncher. thnx

but anointed to siren?

not siren. sorry

I hav reccuring hex elect? What anointed is queens call? Siren?

you said you had radiation anointed queens call :). But I will trade this one too. Add me: Benny89

oh no i meant for the rad rowan, sorry should’ve been more specific :slight_smile: i already got the shock grenade earlier i’m afraid, do you have any elemental annoited flakkers or the annoited cocky flakker by any chance?

i have this one: