LF anointed recurring hex

Many weapons for trade. Looking for an anointed recurring hex grenade also an anointed messy breakup shield (drops from Geniveve.) Let me know what you need. I may already have it.
Thank you for your time.
GT: Whiskey ay GoGo

Got any Anointed Butchers or Crossroads?

I do have an anointed butcher-I can’t remember the stats. What element is your anointed recurring hex?

Anointed one is Cryo. I also have Recurring Hex (un-Anointed) in Electric and Radiation. A Radiation Mirv-tacular Hex (also un-Anointed) and a Anointed Storm Front.

Have shock and cryo annointed recurring for annointed butchers or an unforgiving pistol

I got some anointed butchers for the cryo hex