LF Anointed Recurring or Mirvtacular Ghast Call

I have many items for trade. If you have this grenade let me know what you’d like and I’ll check my banks.

don’t think ghast call can come anointed as got ghast call but mine isn’t anointed but I got fulls et of anointed recurring hex grenades

Cool, mayhaps after I get one of these ghast calls we can discuss a trade for a reccuring hex.

id happily give recurring hex set for shock or rad shredifier gun as wanting to complete the set and my luck with shredifier guns is quite bad haha

Any word on if these come with these modifiers or as anointed?

only heard ghast call comes as ghast call (one I own) or cloning ghast call but haven’t heard it comes in other varients yet also not heard about it being anointed yet assuming you mean about regen 1 grenade effect etc as if it was anointed most likely have terror effect over regen effect if so.