LF Anointed Redistributor & Devils Foursum (Radiation - Gamma Burst)

As the title suggest. I’ve been farming these for a few days now and I can’t get these to drop. Message me on here or xbox, GT is CRUZZifer.

Any ase elemental rechargers?

I will check when I get back on.

Hey bud, I’ve got the it’s piss with rad on ase. I probably won’t be on till this evening though.

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Hey man, What elements are you looking for on the recharger?

Thanks! Just shoot me a message when you’re on.

Corrosive and shock

Hey bud all I got is cryo and incendiary

Nvm I’ve got a shock one

I will send in the morning

Fire and shock would be great

Did u ever get the foursome? I have it with ase radiation