LF anointed Rico shield

I have tons to trade just ask
Gt: AZZBlood4Fun

I have your shield. Do you happen to have anything I’m looking for here?

what anointment does your shield have on it? I have some of the items your after

It’s listed in the post. I believe it’s 30% (all) damage reflection on ASE.

But in all fairness, since I responded to Dvnwtters thread here, I’d like to give him the chance to trade for it first. If he doesn’t reply or doesn’t have anything to trade that I’m looking for, then we’ll talk.

No problem, that’s fair.

I have what you need just message me through here or on Xbox when you get a chance
Gt AZZBlood4Fun

I appreciate the respect of trading with me first but I’m friends with eduey so if you want to trade it to him please do so if I’m not available thank you hopefully I hear from
You soon

Just got back home today. I’ll look for you on Xbox.

Ok I’m going on now bro