LF anointed rough rider with Terror health regen

So I am after a rough rider with Terror health regen… and other legendary sheilds with Terror aniontments like ammo regen from terror I have an insane amount of anointed loot to offer.

If you have this pm me on here or on Xbox my gamertag is pbodyjel hopefully we can make a deal. Good hunting fellow vault hunters.

I have a Transformer shield that shoots Terror skulls

I have a transformer that heals based of terror if you’re intrested in that

I messaged both of you guys. I have 7 maxed characters all loaded with anointed loot. Hopefully we can work out some trades. :slight_smile:

I just found a ‘rough rider with Terror health regen’ yesterday.
I also have a lot other shields with terror stuff on it.

I want one of this for it ( priority sorted ):

  • Transformer (While Phasegrasp is active - Amara constantly triggers novas)
  • Transformer (On action skill end - 30% of damage taken is returned to the attacker)
  • Transformer (On action skill end - 20% increased action skill cooldown rate)

Here also the pic of that Rough Rider with Terror health regen:


If I find a transformer anointed ill let you know and trade you for the rough rider.