LF Anointed shock Protuberance, Anointed transformer, Anointed cold lucians call SNTNL is active 50% cold damage

just ask for stuff i got alot

do you have a Brainstormer anoited ASE gives 50% cyro or shock damage?

I have the lucians and a transformer with cryo bonus looking for damage anointed kybs worth or moonfire

what are you looking for?

Do you have a moten Infinity

Do you have a moten Infinity pistol and fire Lynda

no sry

I have a Anointed transformer, when exiting iron Bear gain 75% increased shields and health for 25 secs.

Anointed transformer on ASE, regenerate 5% Max health for a short time.

Anointed transformer, when exiting fade away, create a Nova that deals 13013 damage.

I’m looking for anointed redistributors, with while SNTNL is active, gain 50% damage as cryo.

just found a moten Infinity do u still need it?

I have the transformer and the lucians do you have any 2x recursions in shock or rad/ corrosive with 125% splash or 100% damage?

no i do not

Need a lvl 53 fire lynda or moten infinity or any thing anointed for siren has to be good class mods Shields legendary only lvl 53

this is for lvl 53 Amara siren raid bulid