LF Anointed Shock Redistributor

Specifically the one with SNTNL active 50% cryo damage

Just let me know what you’re looking for.

I got the shock redistributer your looking for bud

Oh awesome! Anything you’re in search of?

Any redistributers besides shock and rad, with the 100% on ase

Damn the ones I have are all non anointed.

That’s fine man, any kybs worth’s (prefer gamma burst annoint or sntl annoint but will take others)

I don’t think I have a kybs with anoints, I’ll check as soon as I get on.

I don’t have any of those. I do have a cash infused viral heartbreaker with the gamma burst anoint, shock version.

I already have one pretty similar to that, how about the unforgivin with the gamma burst annoint, or ase annoint, I’m also looking for the duc with a good anointment for moze

I’ll check on those ones

Hey man, I have the rest of the +100% ase redistributors (fire, corrosive and cryo) I’ll send your way with the other stuff.

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@Skavenger just got the shock redistributor, I’m going to check on those items for you tho.

I don’t have those, but I’ll keep my eyes open for them.

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@Vomitus124 Alright bud, are you looking for any other redistributers with the sntl annoint. (The only one I don’t have is corrosive)

@Vomitus124 Thanks for checking man

@Skavenger I just completed my collection for redistributors with the SNTNL anoint! Good looking out tho, it’s much obliged.

@Vomitus124 No prob man, if your ever looking for cutsmans with the sntl annoint, I have all 3. I would definitely be interested in your corrosive redistributer with sntl annoint