[LF] Anointed Stormfront grenade

If you have one please let me know what you are looking for.

Action skill start regen 1 grenade.

LF: Deathless artifact with good bonuses.

i got a deathles w/ grenade dam

I’m looking for Spark Plug/Cauterizing but with Mag size + weapon damage/Ignite damage.

i got what i got unfortunatly

i have what you are looking for do you have one of these?

-Ice breaker victory rush relic with +mag size.
-Zane executor or infiltrator class mod with some combination of these stats (%25 weapon damage, %31 assault rifle damage, %24 mag size, %18 weapon critical damage, %45 dahl critical damage, %45 jakobs critical damage)
-Corosive Nemesis with (while sntnl active gain %50 bonus cryo damage annointment)

I actually managed to farm one for myself last night.
I no longer need the grenade.
Thank you for your reply though.