LF Anointed Tankmans shield, SNTNL +100% Cryo damage

Hi Internet, I’m chasing an anointed version of the tankmans shield with +100% Cryo damage while SNTNL is active. I’m sure I have something to trade you for it, I’ve got most of the popular anointments. Cheers.

I have one do you have a good antifreeze

No I don’t, is there anything else you’re after?

Sntnl Cryo : Nukem Creamer ion laser Cheap tips Stalker fearmonger hornet looking for these

I have the nukem and ion laser with that anointment. My PSN is PitWorthy. I have to go out, but I’ll be back online in about 2 hours.

That’s fine but I got off for the night we can trade tomorrow

Ok no problems.

I sent you a friend request