LF Anointed transformer (ASE 50% shock damge)

i got this for trade:
Cutsman shock Anointed (killing an enemy 5% WD)
Cutsman corrosive Anotnted (ASE 125%)
Lucian’s Call Frie Anointed (swapping places 130% WD)
Brainstormer Anointed (ASE 20% radiatiton)
Redundant Face-Puncher Anointed (while sliding 40% Damage)
Kill-o-wisp Anointed (100% WD)
some Tediore Homeing Mirv’s
Oozing Tiggs’ Boom
Tankmon’s Shield Frie
Recurring Hex radiatiton
and alot more just ask

I’d be interested in the Anointed Redundant Face Puncher and the Recurring Hex.
What are you looking for?

i need
Anointed transformer (ASE 50% shock damge/ ASE apply Terror)
Anointed Recursion (ASE 100 / ASE 125)

I’ll take a look tonight and see what I have. I know I have a few anointed Recursion. Don’t think I have the Transformer.


do you have either spiritual driver or a rakk pack mods, will trade, have alot of legendaries

nop sry

I have all the transformers. Would u be willing to post some of the homing mirvs? Also interested in that lucians and maybe the kill o wisp

Im interested in the corrosive everblast, the fire lucians, and the killowisp.

my GT is Alexander Oxholm

I think i added u before lol. But ill be on at 8 we can iron out details but i have wuote a bit i can trade

haha okay see u then ^^