LF Anointed x2 Kyb's - have good moze gear and a few random things for trade

I’m looking for:
Kyb’s x2 - corrosive or fire - with consecutive hits increases weapon dmg
Kyb’s x2 - fire, shock, corrosive, cryo - with 160% splash
snowdrift deathless - health regen, action cooldown

Add me on PSN if you’re interested: Kamaru3064

To trade I have :
Redistributor - cryo - sntnl 100% cryo dmg
Redistributor - cryo - while barrier is active 60 acc/ 70% crit hit
Redistributor - cryo - 40% dmg while sliding
Redistributor - shock - 250% weapon dmg after phasecast
Redistributor - corrosive - grans extra charge of rakk attack
Redistributor - fire - next 2 mags have 50% radiation
Redistributor - radiation - next 2 mags cryo

Kyb’s worth x3 - cryo/fire - ASE Splash 125%
Kyb’s worth x3 - fire/radiation - consecutive hits
Kyb’s worth x2 - shock/corrosion - ASE 125% splash
Kyb’s worth x2 shock/corrosion - ASE 125% weapon dmg

Cutsman - corrosion - ASE 125% splash
Cutsman - corrosion - 250% weapon dmg after phasecast
Cutsman - fire - ASE 125% to badasses

Lyuda - ASE 100% weapon dmg
Dastardly Maggie - ASE 100% Weapon Dmg
Dictator x6 - gamma burst 115% radiation

Bloodletter- weapon dmg/splash/smg
Blast Master - splash/weapon/grenade

Mendel’s multivitamin shield with 75% increase shield/health after exiting iron bear
stop gap - sntnl 15% movement speed
big boom blaster - 75% shields/health after exiting iron bear
Stop-gap - ASE 50% radiation dmg

Cutpurse Victory Rush - mag size, area of effect, and incendiary dmg
Last Stand Otto Idol - mag size, area of effect, action skill cooldown rate
Berzerker Deathless - mag size, cryo dmg, area of effect
Elemental Projector victory rush - mag size, area of effect, shield recharge rate
Loot Expanding Victory rush - SMG dmg, mag size, health/sec
Grenadier last stand - 30% grenade dmg, action skill cooldown, irradiate chance
Grenadier last stand - grenade, mag size, shock dmg

Grenade Mods
MIRV Cluster-F*ck Exploder - ASE 50% radiation
Cloning Maddening Tracker - 25% dmg on grenade throw

whats the points go to on that blood letter mod

I’ll check when I get home but I think 2 phalanx, 1 thin red line, 2 desperate measure

I have the kybs your looking for I need that mendel sheild if you don’t mind?