LF Anoited Siren SMG's

Just got my Siren to 50 and would love some anoited SMG’s. Been farming bosses and such, but everything is dropping with the “Terror” anoitment, blah!

Cutsman (fire prefered, but any would be great!)
Night Hawkins

GT: MegalomaniacHD

Thanks in advance if anyone can help me out!

I have some ARs. I don’t believe I have SMGs

Any idea what AR’s and with what Anoitments?

Try-Bolt (Corrosive): After using Phasecast, weapon damage is increased by 250% for a short time.

Ogre: On ASE, deal 20% bonus radiation damage for a short time.

Flakker: After Phasegrasphing an enemy, weapon accuracy and handling are greatly increased.

Nuclear Jericho: After using Phaseslam, weapon damage is increase by 300% for a short time.

I probably have more in the bank… That’s what I have on current toon.

@Alpo_Mud I’m alright on those buddy, but thank you

No prob

I have a ten gallon if interested, it’s 250% after phaseblast, do you have anything for trade?

@Thelemonader I actually already have an anoited 10 gallon, but not a fan of that gun. Thanks tho!

I can send you a Night Hawkins tonight

@thezskis Thanks bud! Is it anoited?

I have a few, can’t remember if it anointed or not. Will send it tonight. What’s your gamertag?

@thezskis MegalomaniacHD

Yeah I’m not really a fan lol, but I figured I just had one laying around lol