LF anoited transformer for moze, rad hex grenade, anoited lyuda and anoited one pump or flakker

Looking for any of the above. I have alot to offer;

-Cryo/shock hex grenade
-Blood letter
-Anoited night hawken - 125% more weapon damage on action skill
-Anoited Lucians call (cryo) - gamma burst 65% bonus radiation damage
-molten resolute lyuda (fire)
-Anoited Double penetrating potent laser-sploder - after exiting iron bear, next 3 mags has 33% reload speed and 67% increased accuracy
-elemental projector deathless

I do have so many more but I am looking for any of the below;
Zane class mods
Anoited one pump chump
Anoited flakker
Anoited transformer for moze
Rad hex grenade (mirv)
Anoited Lyuda

I am happy to help anyone out but on need of the above if possible.

Have Anointed 125% fire lyuda, bloodletter mod 27% grenade damage/37%shotgun damage/24%mag size, recurring hex shock, anointed recurring hex cryo, hail firestorm and diluvian firestorm and a flakker anointed as well.

Im looking for the following. Do you have any of these?
Snowdrift static charge artifact, sanctified batty blastmaster, elemental projected deathless

Have moze annointed transformer. 75% shield/hp on action end
Whats the bloodletter got?

I have a cryo anointed reaccuring hex
Ice breaker deathless and with 30% grenade damage perk

And a blessed blast master. Interested in your lyuda with damage buff for sure! Let me know if you would trade for any of those. Also have an anointed transformer. Let me know if your interested.

Will have a look in a bit for you but not sure if I have them items. Very interested in your anoited lyunda and hex grenade

Hey dude I’m interested in your anoited transformer and your anoited hex. Would you trade for the fire lyunda?

What stats you got on lyuda?

Speaking about my annointed hex and transformer?