LF Antifreeze Class Mod And Spiritual Driver

Please help me out been farming the raid and the other two spots for days and no luck. I have M10 weapons to trade specifically 9000x2 OPQ.

Hey buddy I’ve got both class mods your looking for,I’ll send you the best ones i have when i get home about a hour or 2 :slight_smile:

I dont have the anti freeze sorry I thought I did. I’ll send over the driver now no need for a trade :slight_smile:

Thanks man. Appreciate it just got on now to check it out.

I have a a few… anything in particular for a perk?

Preferably Weapon Damage, Splash Damage, Magainzd Size Stuff like that.

Alright, let me see here…

Sent you a couple, neither of them stellar but one has Hyperion crit at least.