LF: Any and all Vladof Pistols with Zip rockets

Level 57. Don’t care about rarity. Preferably consecutive hits or 125% incendiary next 2 mags. They just need to have 10 rockets. Running an experiment.

I have just about most of everything to trade, or close to it.

At first I thought you meant Pushdugs… haven’t noticed a zip rocket attachment for a long time. :thinking:

Yeah… pushdugs are still just so ammo hungry, even with 60+ mag size. But the Zip Rocket regeneration stacks with Redistribution and Forge, so… It’s not looking like it’ll pan out though. Damage is still too low, it seems.

Can you post a pic of a pistol with those zip rockets? Seriously… been forever since I’ve seen one.

Yeah if I remember when I get home from work.

Got one! Add me on Steam (or Epic - same name, and it’ll go through SHiFT just fine) if you’re interested: Adabiviak

What’s your Steam/SHiFT/Epic handle? I’m sitting on this for you too (still haven’t found an anointed one):