LF any Bloodletter class mod

One with +3 Desperate Measures would be great but I’m really not gonna be picky. I have a ton of legendaries I am willing to trade, let me know what you need. GT: clientadmin

I have a few i can give a choice from if you’re deaperate but only with 1 point in desperate measures. Nothing special by any means, not after anything in return just to help you out…
1: 28% splash and 31% heavy dmg
2: 31% action skill cd
3: 25% wep dmg and 10% torgue dmg

Yes please! I lost mine when my bank got erased, never knew it would be something I wanted. Been farming for days with no luck. The splash one would be great! Thanks!

No worries i’ll get it sent over shortly


i’ve got a few bloodletters, i don’t sell them cuz i don’t want to see them go to waste, any vindicator ghast calls, or M4 drops?

Maybe. I’ll check when I get home

Did you know you sent 2? If it was an accident I can send one back but regardless…
Thanks again! Sure there isn’t anything you need I could at least check if I have?

Can I grab that Bloodletter with heavy damage?

I have a horrible blood letter anyone can have for free. It’s got crap rolls but better than nothing