LF any Carbuncles

I have this and looking for any other, with anointment for Zane would be great

I have a shock one I can hook you up with… Will be a while (am reinstalling a video card this evening). If you add me, I’ll mail it when I get online.

What do u want for it?

Any of the following (level 50: don’t care about anointments or anything else). If you don’t have any of these, don’t sweat it. You should find the Carbuncle in your mail.

Pain is Power
Pull Out Method
Creeping Death
Chupa’s Organ
Messy Breakup
Hot Drop
Raging Bear
Crader’s EM-P5
Spiritual Driver
R4kk P4k
Zheitsev’s Eruption
Vosk’s Deathgrip
Night Flyer
Shooting Star
Burning Summit

I have many items from your list, which should I send?

Sent few

Dude, thanks! If you’re looking for something else, let me know. I might not have it now, but if I find it, it’s yours.

U’re welcome )
I’m interested in weapons with high dmg sticky projectiles

Feel i should mention the maliwan “devourer” pistol works in much the same way

Fearmonger? I haven’t noticed exceptionally high damage with the pistols (though I don’t pay that much attention - they move enemy health bars the way I like, and they’re fun AF, so I use them).

Some epic magnums ive seen come with the 35% stickies - may go higher as thats 1 of the launchers parts

I sent a fire one I just found - no anointment. Let me know if you’re only looking for anointed ones (Zane-specific) before I spam you with every Carbuncle I come across.

Thnx and keep spaming )

You interested in Pusdugs, Wyverns, or other alien-barrel pistols?

No, only buncles

still looking

Not sure if you’re using FL4K at all, but this is in the mail:

I’m Zane only but thanx anyway )

Have you ever seen a purple 'bunc? I’ve only come across blue.

They can be only blue, some say it’s a bug…
btw, thanx again )