LF any Carbuncles

I’m playing on Steam now, but I still see you as a friend through SHiFT… sent a shock one through the mail. Let me know if you don’t get it.

As it happens, I’m also on the market for Carbuncles (Protuberances as well). Do you happen to have any at level 57? Do you have any items you are interested in?

My luck with these Alien Torgues just ain’t the best. :laughing:

I do have one of each in Radiation, no anointment), and can put you on the donation list here (it’s easy enough to split them up between you two). I’m looking for the following (among other things… don’t care about anointments, elements, or stats, so don’t hesistate to send over anything you don’t want if it’s got red text, regardless of rarity). Are we friends? I don’t see you on there (I’m Adabiviak in Steam).

Good JuJu
King/Queen Call
Tankman’s Shield

Thanks! I sent you a request on Epic. Of the stuff on your list, I can hit you up with a Juju and a bunch of K/Q Calls.

Ok… gonna do an experiment and see if this sort of thing works cross-platform. Hang on.

edit - found you in Epic, added you through SHiFT in Steam, let me know if you see this (should let me add stuff cross-platform). Worst case scenario, I’ll just send it over from Epic, but let’s see how this works first.

I see you in Steam through SHiFT - sent (let me know if you don’t get it).

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I got it, thanks!

I will send my items asap

Sent the items. Let me know if you received them!

I did not (mail is empty).

edit - if you sent them to my Epic account, I won’t see them until I log in there (I can transfer them to Steam on my own).

I’m not sure, but yeah I think I sent 'em to your epic account, apologies.

No prob - they just showed up: apparently the SHiFT Express between the Epic and Steam continents takes some time. :laughing:

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I forgot you were looking for Protuberances too… just found this:

I sent another one over earlier, but you may find this a little burlier. :gun:

That will do perfectly, thanks!

oof - I forgot if I sent it (let me know if I didn’t). I did sent you both another Carbuncle.

Is your mail full? I have an anointed shock one I’m trying to send and I get an error.

Haven’t logged on today but that might be the case.

I wasn’t aware the mail could get full, i just assumed older items get cycled out :laughing:

Finally logged back on. I received an incendiary Carbuncle (thanks, its really well parted). No shock though.