Lf any class mod, anointed fire lyuda or anointed night hawkin fulll auto

here are some to trade from but i have more legendaries to trade from

What class are you trying to get mods for?

any body…it just need to be good stats

Either of these interest you?

no thanks…im looking for dmg stats


for stormfront?

sorry i got the night hawkin already

Joe i have a longbow stormfront for that hawkin if you like

I would like to trade you something for the fire Lucian’s call

add me cause i got A LOT of anointed weapons you can choose from. Since i’ve been farming Anointed for quite some times. PC


Can I add you tomorrow? @andrew1391kapiol

i added you…its m8rc0p0l0

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Screenshot00002 Screenshot00003

close but not interested in those

close but not good enough

im looking for similiar like this pic @andrew1391kapiol

close but not interested