(LF) ANY Cryo Lucian's Call for Zane (H) A bunch of random stuff

PSN: XThePeace_makerX
Looking for any Cryo Lucians Call for Zane
Have random stuff, Rad Hex, Rad Crossroads, The Companion, Night Hawkins, Nuclear Jericho, Bunch of Class Mods and Artifacts

If you were on Xbox, I could help you out. :slightly_frowning_face:

So here’s a free bump instead.


I can help you out I have an anointed cryo lucian’s (On action skill end deal 125% damage to bosses etc) but I’m after either a vicious engulfing ogre anointed for moze or generic with 40% accuracy or anointed diluvion firestorm

Unfortunately I don’t have either of those, sorry friend.

Do you have an elemental deathless artifact

I actually do, I have a Cryo Deathless Artifact, can’t think of the bonuses off the top of my head but I can let you know when I’m out of work

I need the one actually called elemental deathless

It’s a Cryo Stone Deathless, sorry

I just found a cryo Lucian’s Call I can get to you if you still need it? Looking for any of: Linoge, Projectile Recursion, Cutsman, Brainstormer or some kind of Red Suit shield.

Send me a friend request if you want this – my PSN ID – bevross
(we need to be friended to mail things, right?)

I actually just found a lucian’s call last night but I’d be more than happy to hook you up with a cutsman, those dropped like candy for me. I have a Non-Elemental, corrosive, or fire cutsman, whichever one you’d like, it’s yours. I’ll send you a friend request later today

Congrats then! Probably a fire Cutsman would be most useful, just for trying out. Just got back to my Zane (played mostly Fl4k & Amara). Lots to learn!