LF any Deathless Artifact w/ +40% Mag size

As the title says, I’m looking for ANY Deathless Artifact with a passive for +40 mag size. Let me know what you might be looking for.

Got 1, do u have 125% cutsman?

Just looked, I don’t have one. Haven’t been very lucky myself with getting anointed cutsmans.

I know i at least have a elemntal projector deathless, possibly others. Looking for tediore elemental shotguns with 5 spawn + homing

Let me know if the passives has 40% mag size and deathless. That’s all I care about. I believe I have 1 corrosive with what you’re looking for.

I will check for any others i might have when i get home

I thought it was corrosive, it’s cryo.

Oh it is blue, was expecting purple. Can you meet up in game later today?

I didn’t even realize it was a blue lol. If you don’t want it, it’s all good. If you do want it I can be on around 6pm eastern.

I might be busy at that time, wont know till later
Gt b4d w01f

Alrighty, my GT is xUndeadTaurusx
Message me whenever you’re available. I might be able to do it earlier just give me a time and I can see.

Also found

Out of the 2 I’d probably take the elemental since it has extra cryo. I’m on now if you are available.

yoo any chance youre still llookin to trade ? will part with just about anythins

Sure, What you looking for?

@xUndeadTaurusx - Did you end up getting the deathless you were looking for ?

Yes, I did. Don’t know how to delete the topic lol.

do you have a elemental deathless with a mag increase would trade ffor anythin

I do, looking to a level 50 purple tediore with 5 spawns and homing in cryo