LF Any high % elemental projector

If I had my druthers, I’d love to have an elemental projector victory rush or otto idol. Really I just need an elemental projector. Had a purple one that gave me 183% but it disappeared. Thanks in advance for any help.

I’ve got a decent stash of legendaries and I’m willing to help with trophy farming or whatever you might need.

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the highest now is 90%. all legendary elemental projector spawn 90%. it was bug and fixed (or some says “nerf”) in one of the hotfixes in october.

you got 183% since you are offline and hotfixes are not applied.

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Yeah it’s been a good while since I remember seeing it but I don’t even have the artifact anymore. Even a 90% would’ve been great.

Not only have I not been able to farm another elemental projector, I’ve been farming various sources for hours now and I’ve only seen one blue rarity artifact, period. My lucks really crushin it right now.

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add me nat_zero_six. but my internet decides to be down and i haven’t downloaded the patch yet. (perfect timing).

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Haha, I’m just grateful for the help, bud. Whenever you’re able. I’ll send the request right now.

Works been a nightmare but I’ll be on most of the day tomorrow if you’re free. I sent the request, my PSN is JesseDowntown

Does anyone have a decent elemental projector that they could spare. Only one I have found is a green and not very good. Also looking for a better cutsman. Any element is good. I only have one that is anointed and it’s rolls are crap

I found a purple 96% one today you can have if you still need one. It offers 31%incendiary resistance. I forgot the other 2 items. Let me know.

I have an Elemental Projector Victory Rush with Mag Size, Shock Damage, and Radiation Damage. Shoot me an add with a message for the item. PSN Scrub_Nation