LF any Jacobs weps with anoints/Zane Executor mods

Have examples of all other Zane mods which I never use (and some nice executors too including a 31% shottie dmg +5 in Playing dirty version.

36 different artifacts, 2 deathless, 2 cutpurses (3 shots with facepuncher, shottie ammo refilled or give it to clone to refill ammo of what ever’s in hand). Loot expanders, elemental projectors and 2 that stack corrosive damage that will probably be good for incoming dlc. Couple of snowdrift types (102% slide speed). Melee, slide and slam boosters with various elements boosted.

Examples of most shields (mostly not anointed) including, Impalers, Marksman red suit, re-routers, transformers, roid rough riders (minor anoints), BBB,s etc.

Too many guns to mention, some with anoints) but includes a very nice anointed brainstormer (5% extra dmg per kill), and a facepuncher (100% ASE) to go with those cutpurses. Also includes cutsmans, Hellwalkers, Unforgivens, Maggies, Rowans calls, Luciens calls etc.

Have an Epic homing grenade that gains LOTS of cash out of enemies (one of my faves). Have various hexes but not the recurring kind. Storm fronts, quasars, Hunter-seekers, cloning chupas organ etc.

Not LF anything in particular just any decently anointed Jacobs weps or anointed versions of stuff I am using now like transformer/red suit/hexes, and any executor mods I don’t already have yet. Anything you think Zane might like for Xmas really. Recurring hexes would be nice too.

Also, if there is such a thing as an anointed Dahl AAA or Hornet and you have one. My kingdom for it. Deal? :star_struck:

The nemesis is better. I play Zane and tested a cryo sntnl hornet vs a nemesis and nemesis won hands down, even with worse stats, and shock buff ase. I honestly probably have what you want with most of my gear and have extra executor class mods I don’t use.

Hi hi! So like I have Aton of the gear your looking for for Zane. Used to main him myself. Add Haikufox to psn, msg me and I’ll hook you up. Couple things you have I’m looking for :slight_smile:

Very kind of you both. So much gear so little time to test. Have a few nemesisisis too, hmmm.

I will happily add you both in a bit and I can be a bit more precise with the deets of the stuff you may be interested in. If I do have something, I will send you it regardless so delighted am I to get a response here :rofl:

Edit: As a Jacobs fanboy through and through you’ll know which executor I’m really lookin for I suspect.

The deathless(s?). If you happen to have any guns that are anointed with consecutive hits or kills :slight_smile: gimme a little bit and I’ll send out the gear to ya.

so i have those :

  • maggy (+50% dmg on enemies who have 25% life left)
  • the duc (moze - when auto bear is active, +8% magazine regen/s)
  • queen’s call (terror - add projectile when on terror)
  • unforgiven (fl4k - when fade away is active, accuracy and handling are greatly improve)
  • the companion (when in the air, +75% accuracy and handling)
  • the flood (kill an enemy augment dmg and speed reloading by 5% during 25 sec)
  • shock rowan’s call (+30% life drain ase)
  • fire rowan’s call (terror - +50% cryo ase when on terror)
  • fire rowan’s call (+250% weapons dmg after phasegrap)
  • hellwalker (terror - reduces dmg when on terror)
  • tk’s wave (terror - add terror effect ase during 18 sec)
  • monocle (when in the air, +25% crit dmg)
  • monocle (fl4k - when fade away is active, accuracy and handling are greatly improve)
  • monocle (when in the air, +20% rate fire)

sorry if i’ve mistranslate something, i’m french :wink:

Maggie looks nice please. Maybe the shock rowans with life drain too?. Tell me what character you are playing and anytime I find something for that char i’ll be happy to send it your way.

Done and done. 4 altogether. Hope they are ok. Perhaps you could explain to me some time why anyone would want to use them?.

i main fl4k, but i’m mainly looking for those :

  • shock rowan 100% dmg ase
  • cryo lucian 50% fire ase
  • cryo hex 50% fire ase
  • stormfront 50% shock ase
  • ice breaker otto idol

i send you the maggie and the rowan :wink:

I’ll keep an eye out. Have otto idols, don’t know if icebreaker though. Will check tomorrow. 2am now :wink:

thanks ! :wink: