LF any Knife Drain White Elephant

Gotten real tired of farming agonizer 9000 for this artifact not picky on the stats, i should have something we can make a deal for, PSN is VIgier

I have one
I am looking for:

  • boring gun with extra projectile while terrified (lv 50 or 53)
  • rerouter with ammo regen while terrified (lv 50 or 53)
  • low level rerouter with movement speed while SNTNL active
  • ion cannon (x2) kinetic with splash anoint (either Moze or general) lv 53
  • bladed cov pistol with 120% melee damage and anoint 100% melee ASE (any level)

Hello !
Got one lvl50 w/ Max Shield + Max Health + Xp bonuses

it’s yours !