LF Any Lvl 50 Ghast Call

I got Borderlands 3 late and was only level 35 by the time the event ended so now that im lvl 50 and doing mayhem 4, its no longer useful to me. Just comment what you would like for it.

I can send you one. Just friend me so I can mail it later.
GT: SJMoos
If you have a scourge with acid or a drone/clone anointment you’re not using that’d be swell but don’t sweat it if not. I saved a bunch of those grenades

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Could I be really cheeky and also have one of your level 50 ghast calls? Like the original posted, I have only just got to level 50 and missed the Halloween event.

Unfortunately I don’t have what you are looking for but let me know if you want anything else.

Thanks so much.

If you guys still need one, I’m sure I got one floating around.

GT: Facehuggybear

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Yes please if you have one, i’ve added you as a friend on xbox.
Thanks so much