LF any lvl 50 Unforgiven/any lvl 50 Flakker

Hey guys this is my very first post on here, but anyways like the title said I’m just looking for any versions of the unforgiven or flakker! I’ve been farming religiously but to no avail. Thanks in advance!

I have a fire flanker you can get I’m at work atm tho

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Thank you I appreciate it! and no worries I’m at school right now. My psn is xPsylockeee

K I’m on est and I will be on bout 6:30 or 7

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Sounds good!

I have a very good unforgiven. I havent seen one with a higher crit percent yet. Do you by chance have a annoited face puncher or a rope a dope amara class mod?

You’re in luck! I don’t have a anointed face puncher, but I do have a rope a dope class mod!

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@Psylocke can you post it so I can see. Please tell me it has 3 skills on it :smiley:

unfortunately there’s just two skills

dang i need the 3rd skill that comes with it. Its mainly for my build. Ill send ya a unforgiven though anyways. Just if you find a rope a dope with 3 skills let me know

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Thank you!! I really appreciate it, and definitely I’ll let you know when I come across one!
my psn is xPsylockeee

I sent ya a request ill be on in about a hour

alright sounds good!

I’ll be home in a bit just got off and I’ll give ya the burning flakker

U still want the flakker?

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Hey sorry for the late reply! its about 2 am here and I just got off work, and yeah I still want the flakker! My psn is xPsylockeee so if you want you can just send me a friend request and when you see me online you can just send me the gun!