LF any Moze COM( no blast master please) with splash, shotgun/pistol/weapon damage and mag size or AS cooldown

Apparently nobody has Bloodletter so any COM with the perks in the title will be considerate. Got many base game and dlc’s stuff, weapons, shields and others. Also terror gear and melee. Just ask and let’s see if we can make a deal. :wink:

its not exactly what you are looking for but i do have a bloodletter with 32 weapon damage 29 magazine size and 13 vladov weapon damage if you are interested.

Thanks but i want need splash damage on it at least


Closest ive got is a lvl 57 bloodletter w/ splash, weapon dmg, pistol dmg / skills arent great though- 2 pd, 2 trl, 1 dm

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This, this, and this in your inbox. Don’t know if they’re quite what you want but they have splash damage.

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Thanks but i want item level 65 only. Looking for something?

Your my hero mate :+1:t5: Tell me what you want, if i can help it would be a pleasure

Yo this mind sweeper and flare are dope. Any chance you can send me one too?

PSN: Boolemie