LF any Norfleet lvl 72+

I can’t do it anymore. Farming vermivorous and hyperius over and over - I’ve had no luck and it’s killing my soul slowly. Does anyone happen to have a spare Norfleet they’d be willing to trade off? I’m not looking for OP8. Somewhere around OP2 would be perfect, but honestly I’d be happy with anything 72+. I don’t have much, but if you see anything below you’d like, please let me know, either through here or psn. Thanks!

My PSN ID is Spetzio.


Social Butcher (fire - OP1)
Guaranteed Avenger (lvl 60)
Barking Storm (lvl 59)
Akurate Sawbar (lvl 58)


Weapons -
Consummate Hellfire (OP2)
Impetuous Hellfire (OP2)
Critical Conference Call (corrosive - OP1)
Cohesion Invader (corrosive - OP1)
Stiff Unkempt Harold (lvl 67)

Grenade mods -
Shock storm front (OP8)
Sticky Longbow Caustic Leech (OP1)
Incendiary Fastball (lvl 71)
Explosive Fastball (lvl 59)

Whisky Tango Foxtrot (OP1)
The Bee (lvl 70 - other lower levels available)

Class mods-

Legendary Cat lvl 72 (+134% SMG damage / -37% SMG accuracy)
Legendary Nurse lvl 71 (team health regen +3374.7)

Legendary Pointman OP1 (+4871.2 Health regen / +137894 max health)

Legendary Roboteer lvl 72 (+24% cooldown/ +42% melee damage)

+various other lower level legendaries. ask if you’re interested I guess!