LF any Rakk Pak before dlc drops!

Looking for any Rakk Pak mod. Have some ASE gear (mostly Iron Bear) and other annointed stuff for trade if you are interested. Psn id howlinwulf for a friend request. Have a vault full of stuff.

Got a maggie 15% life steal by any chance?=)

Let me look!

I have an annointed Maggie but its for reload.

I can mail you a couple of the mods you want, no trade required.

PSN dogstar13

Appreciate it. Send me a friend request psn id howlinwulf. If you are on party chat me. I might have something you want!

do you have a phaseslam anointed q-system?

The ones I have left are just high damage , no annointments.

Damnit lol, been searching forever and cant find one

I wouldnt mind lookin through mine and yours later and whoever is missing some filling the gaps between us. I have like 7 good ones.

Q-System rifles?