Lf any Redistributer and any Zane Antireeze mod

Have lots of annointed gear for trade. Quite a bit for Moze, but also a bunch of general gear for everyone else.Feel free to message me at Psn id howlinwulf. We can chat it up and go thru my vault to see if I have anything you might want to trade. Thanks!

I’ve got antifreeze mods and redistributors.

Do you have any Last Ditch Bloodletters without thin red line? I’m just looking for good ones I don’t already have. I’ll be on in 2-3 hours.

I have a lot of Moze mods. Mostly Blastmasters, but a few others as well. Get with me when you can and we’ll go thru my inventory. Thanks!

I have at least two fortified if thats ok? Both have +1 thin red line tho. Also +1 desperate measures and +3 phalanx doctrine. Both have good perks. Send me a friend request and I’ll send you pics if you are interested. Thanks again. howlinwulf