LF any scourge rocket launcher lvl50 PSN: Burj13

Let me know what you would like in return!

N/M might be a diff heavy I have, I will have to check after work (12 hours) if so you can have it if no body else can get you one.

Ok sweet let me know whenever yoou are done then. Thank you!

Interested? I can give it for free.

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Sure that would be awesome very kind of you! Add me whenever you can

I accepted you

Good, mine ended up being a quadimizer

ok no thanks then

If you’re still looking for a scourge.I can help with one.

Just got one last night as well if you are still in market.

that would be awesome! Add me Burj13 and let me know what you wanna trade for

that would be sweet! Add me Burj13 and let me know what you wanna trade for

Same sob story, at work. Will get home in roughly 9 hrs.

I already had you added previously. I’m dday3six. I sent you a fire earlier. If there is something else you’re looking for feel free to message me and ask if I’ve got it.

Oh shoot im sorry i remembernow thanks! I appreciate it! If you also want anything just ask anytime

Just got home: jaybowdy



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