LF Any Siren Class Mods

Just looking for any legendary Siren class mods you may have extras of. Getting tired of Katagawa Jr./Tyreen. Lmk what you are looking for and Ill see if I have it.

I’ll send you what I have

PSN Boltens

Thanks! Added

For some reason I can’t find you on my friend this to mail you the stuff

Just sent friend request again

Ok sending Element Nimbus Phasezerker and Breaker

The dragon is the only one I have yet to find

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I can send you three different phasezerker class mods and 3 different breaker class mods, i have 3 other legendary siren class mods that i dont use.

I am looking for a psycho stabber and a brawler ward annointed - after phaseslam 200% melee damage.

Those (especially the phasezerkers) would be much appreciated. I dont have those items though

You got a lvl 50 but plug, unique weapon? Or a Laser Splosion?

Add me on psn, i ll send it anyway.


Hey guys! If ya don’t need all 3 of those class mods, I’d be really happy if you could send me a phasezerker! Stats really don’t matter. I’ve got so many builds I’d like to try - but all need this mod to work :confused:

PS4 Sinsinatti

Thank you! :-*

I believe I have a 50 buttplug add me and I’ll send it when I get home

PSN Boltens

I do have a Laser Splooder (Corrosive) I believe

That laser Splooder would be great. I ll send the phasezerkers.

Boltens, thx man, what did you need?

Nothing really was just going to send it

Thats very kind of you. Thank you.

If i ever find a brawler ward with the 200 % melee damage after phaseslam, i ll send it to you.

That would be awesome


Andrew and Sinsinatti, i sended you guys the phasezerkers. The lvl 41 is the best one imo. But there is a lvl 50 aswell.

Have fun

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Check in with small bear and boko as well. I’ve been sending them a bunch of class mods. I know I just sent a Dragon.

Thanks for the class mods!