LF Any Zane epic/leg mod with brain freeze and/or borrowed time +3

Not sure if any of the legendaries have these, but I am fatigued from trying to farm mods. I just want a good one for a barrier freeze build.

Might have a few useful legs for trade, but prob not much.

@a_thielen Got an epic with +3 brain freeze, +1refreshment and +1 Best served cold (+33% weapon handling and 50% COV weapon accuracy).

Kinda after an Earworm, but if you don’t have anything to trade you can honestly have it for free if you want. It’s just sitting in my bank, and it ain’t a legendary or anything.

I don’t have an earworm, but your mod is an improvement over mine (+26% maliwan accuracy). I’ll gladly take it, and send you a couple legendaries that I don’t want, maybe you’ll see value in them I don’t.

psn is adam_nox

@a_thielen Sure thing, I’ll add you after work (uh, timezones might be a bit weird so that’ll be in about 12hrs )