LF Any Zane mod with Damage or Magazine size (purples included)

I’m looking for any Zane class mod that has weapon damage or magazine size bonuses. Preferably both, and I’ll even take a purple or blue if it has both.

I’ve got a decent haul of legendaries to trade.

I have:

  • Executor +Heavy Weapon, Hyperion, Tediore DMG
  • Shockerwtor +Hyperion & SMG dmg
  • Freedom Fighter (Purple, 33) +Weapon & Hyperion DMG
  • Techspert (26) +17 Pistol DMG, +8 Atlas DMG, +24 Jakob’s Crit DMG

Any interest in those? Let me know if you’d like to trade.

GT: Janos Antero

Possibly the freedom fighter depending on the skill bonuses. Can you send a pic?

Still looking

I have one with all torgue stats. Dmg, reload, and fire rate. I believe its the sntnl reset kill skill mod