LF any Zane related SNTL Weapons -

Especially Maggie, Becah, Shredifiers, Cutsmans, etc

Have tons of the ASE 125% versions

Gt- xCaliburxxx

I think I have a laser sploder, trevonator, and butcher. I will double check when I get on later tonight.

Thx. I have laser sploders with ASE 125% but Haven’t seen SNTL ones

i have a cryo DP laser sploder with +50% SNTNL

Would love to trade for it, what do you need?

Gt - xCaliburxxx

What Bekah’s do you have? My GT: gvon88

Got some SNTL shotguns in here


Someone has to have a maggie SNTL at the very least? Right?

I do and the laser sploder but I never heard back about the Bekah’s

Thought i had replied to that. I have two Becah’s, but they are not anointed ones

Was just reading your comment in the complain about the loot system thread, did you ever end up getting a cryo sntl Maggie? I have one I can mail your way

Absolutely no luck there, i have found the net two magazines cryo, but that worthless because she reloads so often, have a few of the ASE ones extra dam to badass guys, but have yet to ever come across the SNTL cryo. Will have to trade for one i guess. Let me know if you need anything.

Gt -xCaliburxxx

Thank you

Hello all,
I am still on the search for the SNTL cryo weapons, and a really good cryo artifact…message me if you have these. I have a ton to trade. I seem to get all the anointment except that one.

gt - xCaliburxxx

I have a maggie with SNTNL cryo anointment and mediocre otto idols. One being ice breaker and the other is snowdrift. Do you have any 125% splash dmg anointments? Or just ase 125% dmg to named bosses, etc?

I have a ton of the 125% ASE ones, not sure about the splash, will have to check

I am also in search of a Becah, i have found 4 total in 2 months. not one has an anointment, i assume there are ones that do have an anointment, would love to find a cryo one

All mine are non anointed as well… Wish there was a way for console to farm it.

BUMP - I am still looking for SNTL weapons to use with my new Class Mod build Zane - Fast shooting and Multi bullets seems to be the best with this, Schedifiers and anything with SNTL would be great

Also tried an ammo regen with a shredifier with new class mod, it shreds, however my granade with terror is piss, looking for a better one and also a better weapon with terror

I haven’t had much luck on the new Zane class mod. Got two really really bad ones. WIll be farming over the holiday weekend. If anyone finds a great extra with DPS modifiers and stats let me know, will to trade almost anything