LF - Anyone have a LVL 72 Cloudkill

Anyone have a LVL 72 Cloudkill / Bekah? I had already gotten these on all characters at lvl 65 now I’m out of luck. My gamertag is joedram0.

I’m still working to get back my gear at lvl 72 so not much to trade but I do have some good lvl 72 Clairvoyances, Skullmasher, Headsplosions, Contained Blasts and Kaos right now.


I can help you with the bekahs. I am adding you on PSN.

Awesome! Thanks. Just added you to friends

The stuff’s in your mailbox. :wink:

I believe i have the Cloud kill from a recent playthrough on Lvl72,I will check my stashes and if I’ve got one I’ll send it,Cheers bro

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