LF Anything good! Lost my characters :( PS4

Long story short, I lost all of my level 65 characters…My cloud save only had my characters at 57, so all of my weapons that I farmed for somehow became a level 50 in my bank. So I am looking for anything good for any character. My main character is Moze.
Mainly looking for good Classmods and Relics to start any type of builds for any characters.
Thank you so much in advance

Things I have LVL 65
Maggie 2Mag Fire
Shock Light Show 2 Mag Fire
Lob Ice 200% Splash
Storm 200% Splash
Prompt Critical URAD
Unkempt Harold x4 100% Weapon dmg
Light Show Corro Consecutive hits
Kybs worth x2 Ice and Rad URAD
Contained Blast 200% Splash
Juliets Dazzle 200% splash
Sand Hawk Fire Consecutive Hits
MOARR Linage x4 Consecutive hits
Moon fire Fire 100% Weapon Dmg and i have a URAD One
Dowsing Rod URAD
Broasin Rebound Consecutive Hits
COnvergence 100% weapon damage

PSN: ChimDaVinci

I’ll be on Friday and I main Moze. I’ve got a full kit of gear with various god roll class mods and Deathless artifacts to boot. Weapons are mostly consecutive hits and Urad but I also have other options.
If you add me PSN is wonga-bunny I can help you out in a couple of days time. Please just add a PSN message as a reminder for then. Cheers.

Add me on psn R4y2a1n I’ll help you out after I drop my brother off at work, I’ve had similar happen to me