LF Arctic Night Hawkin SNTNL Cryo Annointed

It’s gotta have Arctic in the prefix and the annt is 50% bonus cryo damage while SNTNL is active. I have a ton of stuff in the bank, so ask away and I’ll see what I’ve got. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.



Got any dictators with 100% ASE? Any element but corrosive, cryo is ideal. Also, got any of the dlc gear with 100% ase? Also looking for good rolled seein dead coms for zane

Pretty sure I have no dictators. I’l check my DLC stuff. What’s your ideal Seein Dead mod skills and what bonuses would you like?

Only 100% ASE weapons I have: Cor/Fire Trevonator, Scourge, Cor Smart Gun.

If you like 125% Badass ASE, I have a Breath of the Dying and Face-puncher.

Only other thing similar to what you’re asking might be a 130% after clone switch Rad Butcher.

I have 9 Seein Deads but I would have to know what you’re looking for. I love the new bank space but man looking through it sucks.

A few of my Seein Deads have crit damage

weapon dmg and dmg in general is what i’m looking for, at least 2/3 passives have to be damage

I don’t think any of them have general weapon damage, but the general crit damage ones might have some manufacturer damage for your build. Any particular manufacturer(s)?

Closest I have to your description:

Just picked up a 100% ASE Lucky 7

I’ve got that night hawkin you are looking for if you want to trade that lucky 7

Sounds good. PSN?

Also mine is Ace_Bower