LF "Art of Stealth" (Reward skin for all crimson radios) skin for the siren

i have the skin for:

i’m still pissed that you have a chance of not getting the skin for the char you complete the challenges with and after doing it 3 times and still not gettting a siren skin i come here haha

PSN: Cybersamurai11

I’m curious, why did you not get it? Is it missable?

when you complete the challenges you get 2 art of stealth skins for random characters, i was just unlucky 3 seperate times and never got one for amara. Gearbox has already confirmed that this is not a bug and an intended feature for some reason lol

Oh I see. Well if I happen upon one i’ll let you know :+1:

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Damn. If only you were in Xbox one! I could trade for that flak skin!

Does anyone have an extra for amara?

My gt is GASR0M, 0 is a zero I’m on xbox.

Do you not need the one for amara?

i have same issue, have completed radio challenges on 2 sirens 1 zane and 1 moze , but all i get is gunner beastmaster skins…