Lf artifacts with icebreaker prefix

Willing to trade :

Corrosive, fire, or shock cutsman

Redundant face puncher

Corrosive or fire butcher

Corrosive conference call

Cocky flakker

Radiation front loader

Radiation rowans call

Radiation dictator

Radiation lasersloder


Any of those anointed?

The fire butcher has a accuracy anointment

I have multiple anointed noghthawkins

I’ve got an Icebreaker or two, anything specific you’re looking for?

Wouldn’t mind that redundant facepuncher.

What artifacts do I have?

Both are Static Charge versions

Are they deathless

Nope, they’re both Static Charge, you just asked for IceBreakers…

I’ll take one

My Gt is StressedHorse78

Willing to trade me the Rendundant Facepuncher for it? If so send me your GT and I’ll send it over. My Gt is xRoss357x

Done and done, Amara will be amused with her new toy.