LF ASE 100% Cutsmans

Looking for Shock and Corrosive, let me know what youre after I have tons of anointed gear.

Yeah 8m looking for a fire w 100% ase

I have the fire ASE

i have all three elements with 100% ase. Anyone have a cryo lucian’s call with 100% ase?

or maggie with 100% ase, or god roll fl4k p4kk class mod

Unfortunately the only ASE lucoans I have os 125 to badass and bosses

I got a 100% lucians with rakk attack unfortunately… so close… lol

I have the corrosive cutsman w ase 100% I would trade for fire 1 w 100% ase if anyone interested

i’m not opposed to hooking everyone up

Would you hook it up with the god roll rakk pack mod or trade it ?
GT AZZBlood4Fun

I have a fire cutsman that I would be willing to trade for a corrosive ase one hit me up
GT AZZBlood4Fun

Sry already traded

All good ty

i’m on now if you wana trade

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Do you still have one of the lucian’s call for cyro damage?