LF ASE 100% DMG Maggie

good anointed gear i have for trade below. i also have a bunch of non anointed legendaries.
![Borderlands® 3 1_23_2020 12_13_47 PM|690x388]


Check mail :wink:

youre nuts dude


in a good way
like holy ■■■■ you just gave me exactly what i needed for free

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People have to help each other :innocent:

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@thatonetrolllego Hi, what do you want for Brainstormer? Do you need anything else since you got maggie already?

Anything you want to trade for the arctic star helix ?

Looking for an ASE bekah or a well rolled cosmic stalker atm

Looking for an ASE Bekah or a well rolled cosmic stalker

What does ASE mean? You are welcome to anything I am not using :slight_smile: I dont play for the best this or that, so I use about 9 weapons out of 100 I have in the bank. Do you know if there is a purple Q series assault rifle? I keep my blue one as a bag backup.

I just like the way some weapons fire and scope. I have maggoes, floods, etc, but I dont care for them. I primarily use autoaime snipers, helix, the cov pistols, and a molten infinity. I like to run around like a headless chicken, struggling to stay alive :slight_smile:

ASE - Action Skill End

Anything in particular for the cosmic stalker? I can farm for some.

Pretty specific but I’m looking for some combo of pistol damage, weapon damage, Jakob’s damage and jakobs crit
At least 2
Pretty annoying farm tho

If you haven’t gotten a bekah yet do all of hammerlocks hunt challenges and he’ll mail a random bekah. Takes like 30 min
Unfortunately the one I got wasn’t anointed

Check mail :wink:

i dont wanna accuse you of anything but the gear seems a bit too perfect and i feel like getting all this gear for free is a bit too much
also im fl4k not zane unfortunately
thanks a lot for the maggie though dude