Lf ase 100% or 125% anointed dasterdly maggie

hi im lf a dasterdly maggie that has a ase 100% or 125% anointed
what i have to trade for one are all lvl 50
MIRV shock hex anointed with regenerate 1 grenade
primoradial meditative phasezerker
primordial spectural phasezerker
speedey recover re-chargerr anoited operative while digi-clone is active regenrate 3% max health per second
engulfing faisor irradiated ase the next 2 mag will have 50% additional bonus radiation damage
engulfing ferocious ogre anointed gunner after exiting iron bear do not consume ammo for 5 seconds

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Hi man, i have Dasterdly maggie anointed after phasecast +250% weapon damage, and gammaburst radiactive damage

hey sorry for not responding sooner but Iā€™m actually looking for one with fade away/.
and for that siren mod that ur looking for, the closes thing i got is one with the 4 anima so sorry to disappoint but thank for the reply