LF ASE 100% Redistributor

I have a lot of M10 weapons with anoints. Let me know what you are looking for and I can check to see if I have it. Have new weapons as well!

I have what your looking for, do you have any of this

Looking for a stakbot class mod with SMG and Weapon damage. Otto Idol or Victory Rush artifacts with Assault Damage, and Magazine Size. Also looking for Fire Lucians Call with ASA or Rad Rowans Call with crit damage with ASA or ASE.

So the St4kbot mod I have only has SMG Damage not both. I do not have any of the artifacts. I have an ASE 75% Rad Rowan’s Call but are you looking for ASE 100% WD?

I am guessing you use Fl4k? I have mostly Amara and Zane Gear to be honest. I have a lot of ASE 100% WD gear overall.

I have a standardized Carrier with ASE 100% and a Sandhawk with ASE 100% as well. I just checked and the RAD % Rowan’s call is the best i have when it comes to what you are looking for.

Anything else you are looking for? I also have OPQ with WD ASE?

Invite me psn: Mattgamer87

Just added you

I only have asa redistributors not ase. But ill send them when I get home from work