LF ASE 100% Shock/Corrosive x2 Projectile Recursion

As per title looking for this exact weapon.

Have heaps of mostly Amara gear to trade including:
+3 mindfulness spiritual driver
+5 anima phasezerker (lol nerf)
lvl 1 infinity
lowbie sellout
100/125 ASE maggie
100 ASE Lucky 7
100 ASE fire cutsman
125 ASE corrosive/shock cutsman
heaps of +1 proj terror weapons
heaps of other 100/125 ASE annointed weapons
Heaps of 250/300 ASE amara annointed weapons

Let me know what you might need and lets trade.

Any times x3 100 ase dictators or last stand otto idol with mag size and cooldown?

I’m happy to trade for any of these.

Scourge - 40% damage while sliding

Flakker - 40% damage while sliding

Rowan’s call - (shock) 50% cryo damage with SNTNL active

Lyuda (not fire/shock) - 125% damage to bosses or (any elament) 40% damage while sliding with at least 18 mag size

Dictator - consecutive hits or (not radiation) 50% cryo damage with SNTNL active

Craps - (not cryo) 50% cryo damage with SNTNL active or 125% splash damage

Lump x2 - 125% splash damage or 120% splash damage (Moze)

Ion Cannon x2 (fire & shock)- 125% splash damage or 120% splash damage (Moze)

Snowdrift splatter gun - needs shotgun damage

Seein Dead class mod - +4 or 5 in Dannybrook and (needs +weapon damage) weapon crit, mag size, ase cooldown, movement speed

Damn, na none of that stuff. Closest is a snowdrift splatter with incendiary dmg, aoe dmg and mag size.

Anything else i could trade?