LF ase 200% weapons:

Specifically, the kinetic/cryo versions of:

  • Prompt critical
  • Complex root
  • Critical thug
  • Nukem/plaguebearer/backburner

Hit me up if you have one, I have some stuff to offer but not much :frowning:

I’ve got the Critical Thug. Would trade for your Urad Facepuncher x14 :slight_smile:

PSN: Gehirn-Frost

None other in the list? :smiley:

I have plaguebearer and complex root. Add me.

Added you, my PSN is Branem

Yeah we’re friends already :grin: I’m looking for : One pump, robin’s call, anarchy (×20), King/Queen’s call, trickshot, Maggie, headsplosion and skullmasher, all urad or ASA. Or bounty hunter com with jakobs/weapons crit or damage, AS cooldown.

Only found Nukem 200% Splash so far :sweat_smile:

@paco972 I’ll send you Urad trickshot tomorrow. Think I have 200% Asa also but have to check it out :slight_smile:

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I don’t have any of those as of yet… Will msg you when I find one

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Items sent.

I’ve sent you a friend request. I’ve found the Nukem too :slight_smile:

Hey, is there any chance you got a muse +3 infernal fist? I’d love to trade that for the face puncher!

Sorry. The other items I farmed myself in the meantime…

I think i have one, if yes i will send it to you

Damn man u are so resourceful… I keep looking for ur items!

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If you have this too.