LF: ASE Amara - a few things. List and trades inside (mostly Amara stuff)

Looking for:

ASE 100% DMG/50% elemental

Shock/IDK projectile recursion
Redistributor (all elements)
kings/queen’s call
laser sploders

Some neat things to trade:

ASE 75% radiation Night hawkin
ASE 100% brainstormer
300% phaseslam brainstormer
ASE 50% shock maggie
ASE 50% rad hellshock
300% phaseslam night hawkin
200% phaseslam melee corrosive/rad kybs worth
100% ASE vanquisher
250% ASE corrosive crossroad
All manners of 50% ASE its piss
Double penetrating redline 50% crit after rakk attack

I also have a solid shield collection; let me know what you’re after