LF: ASE125Splah

Looking for following Guns with the “After Action-Skill deal 125% more Splash-Damage”-Anointment:


  • The Caps (DLC)
  • The Duc
  • Hornet
  • Sureshot (HOMING&cryo)


  • Binary Kyb’s Worth (shock/rad & cryo/corro)
  • Keenfire XXL (Homing&elemental)


  • Everblast
  • Protuberance (fire/corrosion/shock/radiation/cryo with the magazine-part that grants +620% damage)
  • Double-Pentrating Bangstick x18 (elemental)


  • Ogre (x2)


  • Scourge

DM me have lots of stuff in exchange

Up, added Keenfires (purple Tedior SMGs)

I have a kybs worth with 100% ASE on it and a recursion with 125% ase splash shock/corrosion. I am intrested in one of your red fang class mods the weapon damage fire rate, hyperion crit, cryo reccuring hex with more damage and fire rate when terrified

also gamma maggie


Up on top

Push it to the limit xD

search also for DP Red Lines

Hope I will find at least the duc and the Ogre next year.
That spoken: “Happy new year to all of you”

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I got a 3x Kybs in Shock/Cryo with 125% splash for an abundant recursion in shock/corrosive with 125% boss damage.

Got fire/corr kybs with splash

Looking for 25x stagecoach anointed

Sorry, allredy have thouse two versions. I should be more precise, my fault


Up again!

Hope to find the ogre for my moze

Up again


I have both the hornet and the craps with different annointments and stats. If you have anything I need we can trade.


Too bad I’ve chucked multiple hornet’s and ogres 125% to make room :confused: