LF assorted operative gear, Transformer/ face puncher with terror applied on melee

Wanting to wrap up my hunt for certain items listed below, i have a bunch of gear for Zane, FL4K, and Moze to give out in return; just ask and i might have it. I also have a few terror anointed shields, grenades, and a vindicator ghast call in hand.

Searching for:
SNTNL Gatlin Lead Sprinkler
Seein dead with bonuses to pistol and splash damage
200 splash headsplosion
Barrier crit or SNTNL smog.
SNTNL Skullmasher
Facepuncher with terror chance on melee
Transformer shield with terror chance on melee/ 75% cryo damage when terrified

What do you have for Fl4K ? i have N2m Reflux Corro and Fire

Be a bit specific, I got a bunch of top gear for the bot such as x8 CH monarchs in fire, shock and corr, Backburners and Plaguebearers with 200 splash, Hellwalker with CH and 100 ase. And god rolled cosmic stalker and R4kk P4k with Crit damage, splash, and weapon damage.

Yeah sorry , Cosmic stalker would be nice , do you have Starved Beast Urad or CH ?

I do have Blood starved beasts with CH in Cryo and Rad, the cryo version however has burst fire.

I already have it , I’ll take the Cosmic stalker and R4kk P4k if it’s ok

alrighty, send a request.

Yup my PSN : Snaky_hilarious i’ll send you the reflux N2m Corro and Fire in couple hours thanks

Bumping; on the hunt for certain terror anointed items.